Reach RS2 and Carlson SurvPC

I’ve been using my Emlid Reach RS2 with Carlson SurvPC with no problems. Recently, I wanted to change the elevation mask to help with getting a fixed solution and was stumped as to where to do it. As the antenna is a defined as a user defined antenna type, there doesn’t seem to be an option in order to change the elevation mask. Does anyone have any experience with this?

You would change it in the Reachview App not in SurvPC


Hi Phil, be careful changing the elevation mask. This affects overall PDOP of the sats, higher PDOP (overall geometry) will result in lower accuracy and false “fixes” from my experience.

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Hi Phil,

I agree with @jp-drain-sol and @EBE111057.

Reach outputs the calculated position to the app. Therefore, GNSS settings can be modified in the ReachView 3 app only.

What environment do you work in? I guess raising the receiver higher can help in your case.

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Hi all

Thanks for the responses. I don’t usually use the ReachView 3 app, as I’m mainly using SurvPC with my Panasonic Toughpad tablet. But good to know now hot to change it for future reference.

In trying to improve my solution, I believe my main problem was with the 4g signal in the area I was working, as I was hot-spotting with my phone. On returning to the same area the next day, I had changed to a sim inserted in the tablet and it gave me a much better result. Maybe, having the sim in the Emlid would be even better results, but yet to test that out and compare.

Changing the sat elevation mask is something I had done with other equipment in the past, but not necessarily something I make a habit of doing. It was wanting to see if it made a difference.

The environment I was working in was in a rural setting, with some tree cover, but mostly with clear open skies.

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Hi Phil,

Make sure that you have 3G networks in your area. Reach RS2 works with 3G only when it’s used with the SIM card installed.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for that. Yes, the area I’m working has 3g networks.

Phil, no problem!

How is it going? Did you have time to test RS2 with the SIM card installed?

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