Reach RS2 Absolute Accuracy Testing Results and Raw Data Wanted for Pre-Purchase Product Evaluation

I am looking for users of the Reach RS2 that would like to share the accuracy testing of their shiny new RS2’s. I am looking to purchase two RS2’s but have no way to evaluate them first hand for true real world absolute accuracy and would like to get my hands on some raw data for those that would like to share.

When I evaluate GNSS receivers for absolute accuracy I check their accuracy by occupying a known HARN (High Accuracy Reference Network) control station for a 2 hour observation period. Then I upload the Rinex data to OPUS then compare the OPUS results to the published HARN coordinates.

If anyone has tested their RS2’s the way I have outlined above I would live to hear from you and would love to get my hands on your raw data so that I can determine for myself if I will press the “Buy Now” button. Any help or guidance would be appreciated…


Hi David,

Not sure we have same exact test, but there are plenty of projects with RS+ and RS2 with accuracy reports here on forum. I’d recommend checking Project share category.

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Thanks Dmitriy,

I have looked and do not find where anyone has compared an OPUS solution to an occupied HARN station to compare the actual accuracy of the RS2 for static occupations. If I had one as a demo to find out then that is exactly what I would do…but as far as I know there are no demos out there. I am also interested to know when Emlid expects to have the RS2 antenna specs published on the OPUS processing page. I would hit the “Buy Now” button on Two RS2’s if I had analysis illustrating the actual accuracy of an RS2 OPUS processed solution when occupying a High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) control station. Thanks for your help.

I’m currently testing out two RS2 units. I had a few problems with the software at first, but after updating they’ve been working great. I’ve used the with NTRIP corrections as well as settings one up as a base and using the LoRa to communicate with the rover for working in some horrible environments. They seem to be working great and I’ve been able to maintain a vertical RMS of 1cm in most situations. I haven’t tested them against a monument yet but I have one nearby that I plan to go hit soon. If you’re still debating buying these, everything I’ve seen so far indicates that they are an amazing value versus the Trimble R2 and Geo7X units we have and even the higher end Trimble units we don’t. I’ll upload the test when I get it done. Probably within a week.


Thanks Ryan. I look forward to seeing the results of your testing!

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