Reach RS Workding in Carlson SurveCE

Hi Brent

I hope you are doing well, and enjoying you weekend.

I want to thank you for all your help regarding the settings that you supplied me with.

I followed your instructions and it work perfectly. I managed to get a hole day of work in yesterday doing GCP surveys. But for some reason today trying to do a line stakeout things did not go so well.

My settings is still exactly the same as per your instructions.

I will again upload Screenshots of my Base and Rover Setup.

My problem now is that, I am getting a good fix and everything looks good. But the moment I try to do a Line Stake Out though Carlson Survce the whole program is running slowly again.

What I mean by that is, the logger takes for ever to update its position. Is almost like the corrections are coming in slow. When moving around it is very slow to update the coordinates to the new position.

Do you maybe have an idea what might course this delays?

I am using the following RTCM3 Messages, I know Igor at one stage said that Survce are having some problem with some of them.

1002 (GPS1 observations) 1HZ
1006 (ARP station coordinates) 1Hz
1010 (GLONASS L1 observations) 1Hz
1097 (GALILEO) 1Hz

Should I maybe add or remove one of them???

Or might the problem be inside of Carlson SurvCE?

I was wondering if the problem might be with the Tolerance setting in SurvCe?

Attached you will also find two photos showing my settings.

I did take a video with my phone of how ServeCE behave once it is connected.

Please follow this link of the video that I have uploaded for you on YouTube. It will show exactly how it is behaving.

I really hope you might have a solution for this problem. Please let me know.

Following Base and Rover Setting Screenshots.

NEW Reach RS Base Settings

NEW Reach RS Rover Settings

I would really appreciate your help again regarding this problem.

Again Brent thank you so much for all you help.

I’m in Uganda at the moment but the moment I get back home in South Africa I am definitely sending you one of SA’s best Red Wines to thank you for all your help.


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Hi Nick,

I see that you are on v2.10, while v2.11 is available now. Could you please try to update to see if this changes the situation? There was an issue with Bluetooth latency, but it is long gone since version 2.9.3.

Unfortunately this looks like SurvCE is for some reason really slow at parsing incoming NMEA data. I will contact them about it. What leads me to this this conclusion is that all other data collection software does work just fine.


HI Igor

Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately it is not good enough for me.

I need you to please, urgently look into this as soon as possible.

I am in the middle of Uganda with out a WiFi connection to run an update. As I am writing you this now, I’m using my phone as a hot spot to get a weak cell tower internet signal. I am not sure if I can use 2 phones to do the update on both Reach RS units? Please advice.

Secondly, I can not understand Emlid marketing SurvCE as a product to use if it has not been tested in the field properly. Could you explain that for me.

Please make contact with SurvCE as soon as possible and try to resolve this matter…It might just be something small. a Setting that need to change.

I am in the field and need to work with your equipment. And at this stage it is not possible to do line and point stakeout work with Reach Vew.
You have no idea how frustrating it is to have to wait the hole time for the logger to update its position.

Please Igor, I need you to resolve this matter for me. I can not tell you how urgent it is.

Kind Regards
Nick Grobler

Hi Nick,

I am really sorry about this situation. Unfortunately we do not have control over SurvCE as we are not developing it. From the communication perspective we are simply sending NMEA messages to Bluetooth. The only setting within ReachView that does affect NMEA output is GNSS update rate. If you have it at 5Hz, NMEA output will be at 5Hz as well.

Just to verify, there is no coordinate delay when you are looking at ReachView? So it is only delayed in SurvCe and only in line stakeout mode?


Now tell me one thing please, WHY is it advertised on Emlid website that Reach RS is compatible with SureCE???

I bought the software becouse you/Emlid promoted it?

I am in need of a Solusion here Igor.

Im on site and can’t do my work.

I spended over a $1000 on Carlson SuvCE. Not becouse I liked it, but becouse Emlid advertised that it is compatible.

What must I do now???

I need an answer ASAP please.



At this point we need to hear from SurvCE support. The integration has been tested by Carlson and thus SurvCE is listed as compatible. I know that many of our customers are using it.

If you could provide some help with debugging it will be easier for us to find a solution.

I had installed a trial version of Carlson SurvCE on my Topcon FC-500 data collector. At the time (about a year ago) I had it working but I didn’t really work with it. I just hooked it up, confirmed that data collection worked, and then uninstalled. I will try to work with it tomorrow but I can’t make any promises. I just can confirm that previously they were compatible.

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Hello Nick,
I installed the latest version of Carlson SurvCE trial version on my Topcon FC-500 data collector and connected to it via Bluetooth. I am in town at my office and I couldn’t spend a lot of time on it but I did get decent positioning data. One thing to remember is that most of the time I was working with a FLOAT position.
I successfully saved several FIXED points but in line layout I was in float. I went into line layout mode and everything acted normally. There was no noticeable slowdown and positioning updates happened immediately. I wouldn’t be able to suggest what your problem is and I can’t guarantee anything. I tried it in both Reachview v.2.9.3 and then v.2.11.0 and I had exactly the same results.
Update: I got it on fixed solution for awhile while in Line Layout mode and it updated its position normally.

I would start by turning off Galileo and maybe glonass and just work with the bare minimum. See if that makes any difference. Does it do it only in fixed mode or what about float mode?

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Hey Nick! Did you see my test? How’s it working for you? Any conclusions reached? While I thank you for your offer of red wine and I appreciate it I must decline it because I don’t drink alcohol and it would be a shame to waste it on me! Hopefully your setup is working!

Thanks for testing this for us!


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