Reach RS won't let power up

I have two RS units, and today, one won’t power up at all. Charged overnight. No leds, nothing at all. Worked yesterday (although nothing I do seems to help get a fix).

Hi there,

Please try to reset the unit by pressing and holding power button for 15 seconds.

I too have one RS unit which is really bitchy if i want to tunr it on.

if you press the Power Button the middle light flashes very shortly (about 0.2s or so) i keep pressing the power on button (note: not holding just pushing for 1 sec or so) and it comes up after a few presses. The other unit works like expected.

Thank you for the suggestions. I can hold the power button for ten minutes, and still, nothing. No quick flashes from the LEDs, won’t power up at all. All indications are that the device is kaput, dead, bricked, however you want to say it.

Hi @TVAR_Geophys,

Please email to with a link to this thread and we will arrange a replacement. Sorry about the issue!

Thank you Igor. I will send the link and explain the issue to support.

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