Reach RS+ wont connect to wifi

I have trouble connecting my Reach RS+ to my WiFi for update.
It IS a “new” model withsticker on top, but the ReachView app cant see it and say that it need to be on update. 2.8. Fine.
So i start update guide and follow it to a crum.

The problem starts when i setup wifi for reachview, it simply does not connect to it.
I tried with WPA, WPA2 and with no password,still cant connect to simple SSID “HomeBox” :frowning:
Any ideas ?


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Hi Michael,

Could you please try another Wi-Fi network?

Perhaps, you could try to connect RS+ to the hotspot on your mobile device?

I have the axact same issue and on a mobile hotspot as well , it does connect maybe one in 10 times. rs+ version 2.16.0 Im setting the rs+ up as a permanent base station so I will need it to connect to my wifi every time I turn it on

Thx, that helped, (why cant it connect to normal router)… but is till have problems, because reach thinks that it dont need update ???

During the first time setup Reach always checks for updates. You already have the latest v2.16 installed, so it’s a normal behavior. You can reboot the device and go to the app.

If you work over LoRa, you don’t need the Internet connection any more. You can disable Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile device and let Reach start its own hotspot.

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Ok, cool.
Wierd behavior. It can see all other networks , but not mine :frowning:

If it keeps looping, remove the :5000 in the URL.

I got it connected in the browser, but should I be able to connect trough ReachView app ? Or am i missing somehing ? :wink:

@dmitriy.ershov What do i do now to be able to use the app ? I need update 2.8 ? but how ?

Hi @michael.l,

Could you please clarify your issue with ReachView app? All settings you’ve changed over the browser version are saved on Reach, including Wi-Fi credentials.

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