Reach RS+ won't charge or turn on

We’ve got two Reach RS+ units. One used as a base, one as a rover. They were used in the field a couple of weeks ago without any issues, the data was downloaded, and then the units packed away. The ‘base’ unit will now not turn on.
Yesterday I plugged it into a microUSB to charge, but no blinking orange light. I tried to turn it on, but nothing, no lights at all. I tried the cable on the other RS+ unit and it immediately started blinking orange to indicate it is charging, so I don’t think there is an issue with the charger or cable. I have also tested another cable and charger, and got the same response.

I left the ‘base’ plugged in overnight hoping the extended period might somehow bring it back to life. Today the orange light has started blinking, but i still cannot get the unit to turn on.
If i hold down the power button the other lights (NET and STAT) light up, but go off as soon as i release the power button.
Both units are about 1 year old and only used occasionally.

Hi @ecw,

Could you please check my message in the PM? At this stage, the troubleshooting might require some additional actions which will be easier to handle in private messages.

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