Reach RS with Topcon Magnet Field Software

Since updating to Reachview v. 2.7.4. this afternoon, I am excited to announce that Reach RS is now fully compatible with Topcon Magnet Field Software. Topcon Magnet Field has a setting for generic nmea input under connections that allows users to connect non-Topcon devices(very nice of them, but they might not tell you about it :slight_smile: ) So far today, I have only tried it on my Topcon FC-500 yet but it worked great there.
Topcon Magnet Field is Topcons’s field software for laying out points, lines, surfaces, etc. Now I will try it out in hybrid mode with my total station. We’ll see what happens but I’m seriously stoked to have this working. It’s what I was aiming for since the first day I purchased Reach.
I am so grateful to the Emlid guys for taking our requests seriously. While talking to the Topcon tech support, our phone line was mysteriously disconnected and I wasn’t able to get through again :thinking:
This is the first forum I have ever been part of and I want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank everybody for all the input. It’s fun, informative, and useful. Thanks again, Emlid.


Good news. I take it you got the point storing side of things working also? I had a conversation with Topcon rep here and he suggested changing the survey style setting from “DGPS” to “ALL”- not sure what effect that might have. To be honest i haven’t had a chance to test this setup since a few weeks ago.

Yes! Point storing and line staking. Position output 5hz from reachview. You’ll need to update. Those changes topcon suggested didn’t do it for me. Emlid took care of the details and got it working in the last update.

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