Reach RS+ with multi band GNSS capabilites

It would be very helpful to have Reach RS+ with multi band GNSS like the uBlox ZED-F9P module. Along with the existing product lineup with the NEO-M8P module it will be very desirable to the customers to have receivers with the Multi band GNSS. Which will obviously help to get Fix in the areas with urban canopy and dense vegetation. Hope there will be future products integrating ZED-F9P modules.

Would be nice, wouldn’t it :smiley:

There’s already a bit of talk among Emlid users about the chipset here: When the signal tracking L2 will be included in Reach RS + ...?

Yes indeed it would nice. Thanks for sharing the link.

I think the F9P is not the perfect one, but the F9T just came out recently:

I hope the Emlid guys are working on it at the moment!!!

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Thanks for the update.
I have just reviewed the product summary page of both of the products and come up with the following results. Zed f9p category is for ‘High Precision GNSS’ and the f9t is for ‘Timing’ category.

Zed f9p has high positioning accuracy = 0.01m where as the Zed f9t has accuracy of 2.0 m and f9t doesn’t support RTK corrections. It does not have the RTK Base feature built-in which is an essential feature in the Emlid Reach RS+.

To sum up the Zed f9t is not ideal for survey and positioning application rather it will be ideal for timing intensive applications.

Dear Tutul, please note that Emlid Reach is not using an internal RTK engine, it is on the external microcontroller as an embedded version of the RTKLIB code base. Reach uses the M8T chip. So the natural successor is the F9T.

Wow, that looks like a winner right there! Lets hope it happens…

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