REACH RS+ with mapping softwares

Hi, I get a Reach RS+ since 1 month and I’ve so many difficulties to use it. All starting process with internet update with my smartphone.
Then Reach work well with Reachview (location coordinates number of satellites ect.
But with the W10 on a Surface pro, my mapping software can detect Reach but the NMEA flow seems to be stopped. I can see “send error 110” on reachview. The soft “Open CPN” doesn’t work at all.

Then I’ve tried too with the Bluetooth. The W10 can detect Reach but appairing is impossible. W10 told me “is the number pin is correct (for example 889524)?” I answer no and W10 shows me another false pin number all the time but never the correct pin 123456!

Have you some info?
Sincerly yours,

This sounds more like a Windows error to me, where is tries to be smarter than the device it tries to connect to.
Maybe there are some bluetooth-settings in Windows that can be changed?

Hi @jouvenel,

Could you please check the part of this guide describing BT connection to Windows and advise on which step do you face an issue?

It helps to provide you with more detailed recommendations on what to do further.

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