Reach rs+ with heatsink

I had a problem. Overheating of the device. I have tried all the company attempts. But :expressionless: useless. Today I tried something different. I put a heat sink and the experience was perfect. Previously, the temperature reaches 50. And the device shuts off. Now the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees

I do not recommend doing this … but it was of great benefit to me
I have made vents in the body of the device

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where do you put the heatsink?

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Will there be no displacement of the ARP when you replace the antenna? I read that it must recalibrated?

No i don’t think. You don’t need calibration I guess.

in this part

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If you know. What this part? And can i change it

Hey everyone,

Please note we don’t recommend opening the units up and installing additional parts to the unit as it voids the warranty. This way, it’s difficult for us to provide the support as we can’t be aware of the effect additions have on the unit’s performance. If the unit shows unexpected behavior, we recommend contacting us since in most cases we can provide you with a solution to this.

Islam, our dealer should have contacted you regarding this case earlier. If they are not in touch, please reach out to us over so that we can investigate what goes wrong.

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