Reach RS+ with dual frequency NTRIP services

Many NTRIP services specifically state that a dual frequency (L1 + L2) rover is needed. As the Reach RS+ is single frequency only, I’m trying to confirm whether the Reach RS+ is still compatible with these services. My suspicion is yes as they are all RTCM 3 compatible and that these statements are legacy only. Any input / clarification / verification greatly appreciated.

You are correct. The Reach RS+ works fine with NTRIP services that broadcast dual frequency. I think most correction sources have L1 and L2. Some local corrections sources have just GPS, some have several constellations. But any receiver will just use whatever satellite and frequencys it needs.

My local CORS service, MNCORS, suggest dual frequency receivers are needed for centimeter level accuracy, and single frequency won’t be as accurate, but I routinely see a couple cm accuracy with the Reach RS+.


@tejones777 Thank you for the response! That was exactly what I suspected and needed to hear. Much appreciated.

What RTCM message types do your NTRIP services provide? I’ve tried using my ZED-F9P as a base for the Reach RS rover, and I’ve configured it to transmit the same RTCM messages as I know at least one NTRIP provider does, but haven’t had much luck. If an NTRIP provider offered 1005, 1008, 1077, 1087, 1097, 1127, 1230, would the Reach RS+ work with that? Previously the only way I could get things working was to run a little str2str instance on the rover unit that translated the 1077 and 1087 into 1002 and 1010 messages. However Glonass never worked.

Here’s a screen shot from SNIP RTCM message displayer, showing the messages from
MNCORS (Minnesota Department of Transportation CORS system)

Which seems to be quite a few messages. Not sure how many are needed. SNIP allows you to turn off some messages, and play around with it.

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Great thanks. I was doing some testing today and I can get a fix on my reach RS with 1005, 1077, 1087, 1097, 1127, and 1230. Glonass ar looks like it’s working. I’m not sure if the reach is using the 1230 at all or of it has some other mechanism for dealing with receiver bias with the base having different hardware than the reach RS.


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