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Reach RS+ with dual frequency NTRIP services

(Waz Hewerdine) #1

Many NTRIP services specifically state that a dual frequency (L1 + L2) rover is needed. As the Reach RS+ is single frequency only, I’m trying to confirm whether the Reach RS+ is still compatible with these services. My suspicion is yes as they are all RTCM 3 compatible and that these statements are legacy only. Any input / clarification / verification greatly appreciated.

(Thomas Jones) #2

You are correct. The Reach RS+ works fine with NTRIP services that broadcast dual frequency. I think most correction sources have L1 and L2. Some local corrections sources have just GPS, some have several constellations. But any receiver will just use whatever satellite and frequencys it needs.

My local CORS service, MNCORS, suggest dual frequency receivers are needed for centimeter level accuracy, and single frequency won’t be as accurate, but I routinely see a couple cm accuracy with the Reach RS+.

(Waz Hewerdine) #4

@tejones777 Thank you for the response! That was exactly what I suspected and needed to hear. Much appreciated.