Reach RS with Cerea

Hi friends! Do someone use cerea with reach? I did it but very ustable results, sometimes perfect, most of time tractor does not follow the line, are you in the same case?

setup of cerea was very difficult for me because of language problems with spain and less manual.

what controller do you have? roboteq or phidgets?

as i know there are some problems with phidgets controller and loosing serial connection to pc (cerea)
then the tractor is moving away suddenly…

Hi Andreas, its a phidgets, but what i know is exactly same configuration with novatel works pretty well, and with reach rs, even with 18 sats fix rtk, cerea does shit sometimes its good, often is bullshit… it goez far away from line orthe triangle is not parallel to the painted line.
Did you experienced such trouble?

Sometimes cera get crazy also at me and it did drive anywhere…

I don’t know what was the problem…

now with other software I did not have this problems but I haven’t test enough.

What does your steering do? Goes it anywhere or drives it on a false line?

sometimes it goes crazy, didnt going to catch the line, but he is perfectly conscious that it goes away from line…
someone on cerea community told me that a cable between motor and controler might be scratched during stripping and makes that occur, ill try but dont believe it…
what is your new software?
Merry christmas!

Cerea works fine with reach rtk as rover and own reach base. Most problem with phidgets is the motor control cable and a wrong passperdegree value in the configuracion file.
You need to drive very exact (approx. 30cm) at the AB line at the begiining, then cerea will lead you in directtion. I used the *19 and *78 Cerea versions this year and was really impressed.
Lots of thanks to the emlid team for their great receiver. Hoping that the WLAN connecting issue is solved with the last Update, it would be really great :slight_smile: @egor.fedorov


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