Reach RS+ will not power up

I have just received a Reach RS+ Base and River kit. I charged them both overnight with them first showing a flashing orange light and in the morning, a solid orange light was displayed. Neither one of them will turn on. These are brand new units. Can someone help? Should the power led be green? When I either short press or hold the power, nothing at all happens.

Hi Travis,

I’ve seen your email. Please check my reply. Let’s continue our discussion there as it’ll be more convenient to keep our correspondence consistent.


Let me add that it’s likely the units completely discharged because they were stored for around 2 years. To avoid such situations we recommend following the instructions from our User Guide on how to prepare the receiver for storage:

  1. Charge the battery to at least 60%.
  2. Turn the device off by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. Make sure that the device turned off by checking that power LED went out.
  3. Store the device at room temperature.

Also, we suggest checking the device every 3 months and charging its battery to at least 60%.

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