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Reach RS+ WiFi for Updates

(Michael Lambert) #1

Hey all! I am on 2.16.1 and was trying to update my base to 2.17 and when I try to connect it to my home WiFi the blue network light blinks 3 times per second for about 10 seconds and goes back to hotspot mode. I had already done the rover without issue. I tried resetting to defaults and also holding the power for 10 seconds with resolution. Any advice?

(Michael Lambert) #2

After several reboots, killing all known networks and reconnecting I was able to see the device, but the connection was so slow that I still could not get all the way in. I have now hot spotted my phone and gotten in via my laptop. It appears to be updating correctly now so I will call it a glitch that required perseverance.

(Timd1971) #3

seems to almost always be the case. so weird.

(Dmitriy Ershov) #4

ReachView v2.16.2 should fix most Wi-Fi issues you described. Please report back if you experience this again in the future.

(Michael Lambert) #5

Thanks @dmitriy.ershov, I was able to get 2.17.0 installed and it is working well. Four sessions yesterday with base/rover went well, but I have started having the “incorrect password” on the wifi again on the RS+. I can forget the connection and log back in just fine.