Reach RS+ WiFi connection and update (firmware: v2.01, ReachView: v1.4)

Hey there,

We just got a new Reach RS+ and are not able to connect it to WiFi to install the necessary updates.

We are able to connect to the RS+ hotspot, save our WiFi, and attempt to connect it to that WiFi, but at this point it turns off its hotspot and the blue network light begins flashing as if it is going to connect only to switch back to the hotspot after a few seconds.

We have tried using different devices (laptop, iPad, iPhone) and alternating between trying to connect it through the ReachView app or a web browser but it does the same thing every time.

We saw some forum posts that say to update the ReachView app, but 1.4 is the only version we are able to access on iOS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  1. The ReachView app version on your iOS device will not be affecting the Wi-Fi connectivity of your Reach RS+.

  2. Are you using the same iOS device for connecting to Reach RS+ and also for creating a hotspot? If so, then you might find it easier to configure your Wi-Fi hotspot settings in Reach RS+ then power off Reach RS+; then enable your iOS hotspot; then power on Reach RS+. Reach RS+ should scan for Wi-Fi networks and connect to your iOS hotspot and then get the slow flashing blue LED.

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Thanks for the advice! It is good to know that our app version won’t affect the Reach RS+.

We actually managed to get it to connect by using the hotspot on an older iPhone 5s instead of the iPhone 7 we were using. Maybe the older versions have less security on their hotspots so it’s easier to connect to? Either way our Reach RS+ is updated and functional!


Hi Allison,

iPhone version shouldn’t make any difference.

There is a reason (wrong ssid/pass, hotspot drop out, etc) why Reach couldn’t connect to iPhone 7’s hotspot. Please let us know if you’ll be trying to connect it again in the future so we can find this reason.

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