Reach RS vs Trimble R8

I am currently using the R8 for my daily work but I now have a pair of RS’s to test.

-What coordinate system do I input in my R8 to match the RS? Asks for system/Zone/datum and I have tried
UTM/1 north/wgs 1984 (zone goes to 60 north/south) but that doesnt match the coordinate system.

-Could I change the coordinate system output on RS to match trimble?

I first tested this as a rover only getting corrections from a local RTCM3, reading +/-.3m

Hi Joey,

Reach RS uses WGS84 Latitude and Longitude coordinates, not UTM. We are now working on data collector functions in ReachView that will allow to work in any coordinate system.

You should be able to make your R8 unit to output Latitude and Longitude.