Reach RS+ VRS Settings question

I am having troubling understanding what my settings should be in order to use my reach rs+ as a standalone reciever using NYSNET VRS. Can someone look at my settings and see if it is correct for what im trying to do? The rover keeps moving in one direction further and further from when i turned it on. The rover hasnt moved

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I can see on your screenshots that the rover is getting only the Float solution. This means that it calculates its position with the submeter accuracy. This is why you may see the difference in your coordinates.

It looks like the baseline of your connection is slightly more than 30 km. Reach RS+ is a single-band receiver so to survey in RTK we recommend keeping the baseline within the limits of 10 km to get the centimeter-level accuracy.

I’d recommend checking your setup with the mount point of your VRS service that is closer to you. This way, it should be possible to get the Fix solution and to obtain the centimeter-level accuracy.

If you’re planning to collect the points with your rover, please, use Kinematic as a positioning method. It’s also standard to use Fix-and-hold as a GPS AR mode. The general recommended setting for Reach RS+ rover can be found in this Base and Rover setup doc.

Thats the closest base from where i am working. Dosent using a vrs eliminate the long baselines by setting up a virtual base next to you, pulling from the 30km base? If so why is my baseline saying 30km and not for example 10 m


Is this for a base or rover?

Have you tried kinematic positioning?

What equipment are you using that needs TCP output?

Not all systems have VRS capabilities. Some have nearest tower only. If you received a mount point list they will some will identify the mount point for individual bases and the VRS mount point


Hi @gmurray449,

How is it going? Did you have a chance to double-check with your correction service whether there’s a closer mount point?

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