Reach RS+ used for camera event logging on my drone using pin4- EVENT

I want to use REACH RS+ module for rtk-ppk because it performs better than the standard M +module.

I saw pin4 on conector marked as EVENT-blue wire.

1- Does latest software 2.18 allow to record camera events? How to change the software to allow event logging if needed?

2-Another approach for using REach RS+ would be to connect the NMEA output of the Reach RS+ to Pixhawk Serial interface and let ardupilot log the events. Do i need a rs232 to TTL level converter or i can find TTL levels on the RS+ board directly?

Time mark INPUT is available on all Reach devices.

Event trigger OUTPUT is available on only the original Reach module or the Reach M+.

If you chose to use the NMEA output, then you will be introducing lag. The time mark input is the most precise, followed by event trigger output, and lastly by NMEA or other.

Also, RS+ and M+ are functionally identical, except for the antenna. If you find that M+ isn’t performing as well as RS+, then maybe you should consider an antenna upgrade, or share with us how your current M+ is mounted and how the wires are routed, and how the antenna is mounted, and what the ground plane looks like.

Hi @dragumihai,

I agree with @bide, Reach M+ should work no worse than Reach RS+, so we can try to investigate your current setup first.

Could you please share some photos of Reach M+ antenna placement?

Thank you for your suport.
I used the RS+ device as the M+ device not working due to a severe crash.

Here is what i have successfully accomplished:
I disassembled RS+ and connected the blue line through a switch to GND, simulating a hot shoe.
I checked the events file through RTKPOST and indeed, it does records events.

Now i will use a USB internet stick to get the NTRIP corrections in RTCM3 format.
Q: is any USB internet stick able to comunicate over OTG cable with RS+
i need to use a wifi USB router stick ?

I no longer have a base, i will use public RTCM3 service and RS+ as a rover on the drone.

Hi Dragu,

Q: is any USB internet stick able to comunicate over OTG cable with RS+ or i need to use a wifi USB router stick ?

We didn’t test Reach with external Wi-Fi modules. However, you can use Linux compatible 3G modems. Drivers for them are preinstalled on Reach, so you should be able to connect them over OTG cable.

Please note, we don’t recommend disassembling the devices as we won’t be able to help you with troubleshooting in this case.

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