Reach RS update/reflash


I went to use Reach RS base and Rover combination a few weeks back. We I connected to them via ReachView a software upgrade alert was present. I upgraded both units and they worked fine. Next time I used the I was informed over another upgrade required but this time it was necessary to re-flash the units.

Is this a straight forward process? Has anyone got any experience of it and any issues or tips would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Mark,

To update Reach RS to the latest stable firmware version v2.22.4, it’s indeed required to reflash the unit.

The reflashing process is fully described in our Firmware reflashing guide in the online documentation. If you have any additional questions, we’ll be glad to answer them here or over email.

Thanks Polina, I will let you know of any issues.
Thanks for your hrlp

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Hi Polina,
I am pretty sure the units I will be reflashing are Reach RS and not RS+. Is there any way I can make sure of this before I start the process?

Thanks for your help.


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