Reach RS "took to long to respond" error and general info

I have been able to connect my two units to my office wifi and use my laptop for reachview. Nothing unusual happened between yesterday and today (that I know of) yet when attempting to connect to one of my units the page shows “site cant be reached” “took to long to respond”. Not sure how to get it back to access point mode…

What input/output settings do I use to have my two units work as a base and rover? Can my smartphone be used as a hotspot and reachview app?

I just updated to 2.3 on the one unit that is connecting but the survey tab has no response. Excited to test that.

When trying to use my phone as a hotspot and for reachview earlier last week this was the error I was getting.

Survey tab has no response on my laptop but works fine on my mobile.

There is a bug with survey. Emlid knows about it.