Reach RS to Reach

Im looking to upgrade my base Reach module to a Reach RS. How can I get my rover(not RS) to communicate with the Reach RS?

Currently my two modules(base/rover) communicate via 3dr radios.

How will my rover module communicate with the new Reach RS?


Would you consider data over internet to be on option? If so, I would recommend ntrip.

Not sure how that works to be honest.

What is needed for that to work? I have an iPad and my iPhone that I use in the field.

Both devices have to be able to connect to a wi-fi network that has data.
I don’t know how big an area you cover with your surveying.
Option 1.You could set up your Reach unit as a base station at a permanent location(home, office, etc.) where it can connect to a wi-fi network and function as a ntrip base station. Your rover would then use your iphone hotspot to connect to internet and receiver corrections from base station by connecting to the ntrip caster.Limitation would be the 10km max distance from base station for RTK.

Option 2. You could set them both up on site and just make sure you have a device that can provide a hotspot with data(Ipad with a sim card) for your base station and your Iphone can provide hotspot for rover.

Once your settings are in place you just power the units up, turn on the hotspots and your devices will find them.

I personally am waiting for a lora radio to be available for the Reach units. Then they will connect beautifully to Reach RS. I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting, though. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm seems I already kinda do option 2 haha. I’ve just been disconnecting my iPad from the base after I set my known point via CORs corrections. Then the base/rover talk via 3dr; all while I use my iPhone with the rovers hotspot.

I guess since I’m able to provide data from both of my devices I shouldn’t have any issues.

Yes. That is a great workflow because it provides absolute accuracy. However, if you were going to eliminate the 3dr radios and use ntrip instead, both devices would have to have data all the time. The corrections go over the internet instead of over the radio.

Option 3- Continue doing exactly what you do! You can still use the 3dr radio over the Reach RS, I’m sure.

Yes both devices, iPad and iPhone, have their own access to the internet on my Verizon plan.

Well, then that should work fine.

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Well, Reach RS supports USB devices just as well as the small Reach does. Your 3DR radio setup will work.


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