Reach RS+ survey XYZ

Is there any way or update/feedback on how to use the reach RS + in survey and view / log the XYZ coords?


Hi @Jharriszx,

You can change the displayed position of the Reach RS+ to XYZ ECEF format in the "Status" tab of the ReachView app.

In the "Logging" tab it is possible to enable recording of the unit’s position in XYZ format.


Thanks for your response @gleb.gira.

That was really helpful and have now started to cross check using these alternative tabs. 1 more question,
What about the survey tab and the output file in xyz? I am still only able to get LAT/longs…?

Hi @Jharriszx,

At the moment, you can collect and stakeout points in the Survey tool only in LLH format.

Sería excelente que Añadan UTM :pleading_face:

Hi Glessner,

May I ask you to use English in the public part of our forum? In this case, all users would be able to join this conversation and suggest their solutions.

Concerning your question, Reach supports only the WGS84 coordinate system in the meantime. We will add UTM support in one of the future updates.


@gleb.gira and Posgar 2007 Argentina coordinate system :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Luis,

We work on adding custom coordinate systems feature for ReachView. All updates will be posted in the ‘News’ section.



@gleb.gira Hi Gleb !!!Could you improve the stakeout system? Indicate two directions of measurements.
Staking is very difficult.
0.50 meters north, 0.10 meters east. It would be very helpful
Thank you luis


Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Could you improve the stakeout system? Indicate two directions of measurements.

At the moment, ReachView displays the distance in meters and direction line to the point. We’ll consider adding other options in the ‘Survey’ tab. Thanks for suggesting.


Unfortunately, there’s no ETA. In the meantime, you can use 3rd party Android software to display Reach position in the desired coordinate system in real-time.

I’m sorry I’m not a programmer! If I don’t give them the source code.

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