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I am using the Reach RS+ survey kit (base and rover) in conjunction with DJI Phantom 4 Pro and PIX4D to map for work. I am getting “fixed” gps coordinates out in the field and when I use those coordinates in Google Earth they appear accurate. However, when I have either imported the file of gps coordinates into PIX4D or manually entered them (according to PIX4D videos), I get errors and it says one of my coordinated is way outside of the mapped area.

I am mapping in Southern California and I will get a coordinate somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean. I don’t know if I need to change the coordinate system in PIX4D or what!!???

Someone please help me.

Eddie H.

There are two places where you need to specify CRS in Pix4D. First, you specify the output CRS for the entire project. By default is normally assigns the correct UTM zone.

Then when you import your GCPs, you need to specify which CRS the GCP coordinates are in. Pix4D needs this to be able to align them with the rest of the project. You need to know that value, which should be something you have from your Emlid survey output. Pix4D by default might assign a completely arbitrary system, it doesn’t detect it automatically.

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I agree with Gabriel that the coordinate systems are the first to check here. As I saw from the screenshot you shared via email, the selected GCP coordinate system in Pix4D is ESRI:103242. If the points from ReachView 3 are in another coordinate system, it can lead to issues with import. You can check your project’s coordinate system by tapping its name in the app. The CS is also written in the CSV file.

Just wanted to add I sadly couldn’t answer you via email. Our messages can’t be delivered to particular email addresses or domains in some rare cases. If you write us via email with any other questions, please try using another email address. You can also always contact us here.

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