Reach RS Survey Export to CSV Workflow - QGIS

Today I am downloading Survey project from ReachRS and am will convert it into CSV file containing height elevation.
Software - QGIS, Microsoft Excel
It’s possible it could all be done in QGIS but I am taking a very simple approach for absolute beginners. As tb_rtk said, for the “kindergarten” level :slight_smile: No scripting or expressions required.
Step One.

Download your survey from within the Reachview app.

Choose the first option - GeoJSON

Unzip and open in QGIS. Do this by selecting “add vector layor”

By Opening up the “Attributes Table” for this new layer in QGIS, we can see that the elevation data is contained in the same column as the lat and long. We are going to separate this column into three separate fields in Excel.

With the GeoJSON layer highlighted, right click and save it as as .csv file.

Open this .csv file in excel and view the data. See how the lat, long, and height are in one column. You can compare with your Reachview app to confirm data is still the same.

Instert two columns on the right side of “projected mean”

Select all the data under “projected mean”

With this still selected, choose “Text to Columns” under the Data tab. At step two, choose “space” as the delimiter.

Assign the columns the appropriate new names.

Now let’s save and add it back into QGIS. From QGIS add a “delimited text layer”

Select file and choose the appropriate fields for QGIS to choose for point coordinates.

Select the appropriate coordinate system.

And we can see we’ve got in in the correct position with the labels set to show name and elevation.

And once we’re in QGIS, the possibilities are endless!


If you are working with an Android device the work flow gets simpler.
Install Mapit ( I have 5 free licenses to give away, courtesy of the developer) Message me for info.
Connect to Reach via bluetooth
Set up your coordinate system
Collect data using position averaging if you want (within mapit)
export to dropbox (in mapit)
read into qgis (from mapbox)


Good to see people still getting out and surveying from the ground haha. With the pricing of process software, getting actual points in the field doesn’t seem all that bad. Until you have a plot I just did 130+ acres, you don’t wanna walk all that…trust me lol

Great tutorial, Brent! By the way, CSV export is already working in dev builds of ReachView, so should be released soon :slight_smile:


Any more info regarding CSV export?

It’s out as a dev update. More info here.

Version 2.1 just came but with now CSVexport.
Or does it just work on new surveys? Tried with an older one.


Should work with older project as well. Did you update to the latest dev version?

Do you still have free trials? I would like to try MapIt

message me and I will send you a code.

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I would like to ask you free license of MapIt. Does the offer still available? Best regards…

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