Reach Rs+ Static

Hi friend…i have a question

i have a reach rs+ with a ntrip connection (italpos), service max3-rdn
im using a gps for georeferencing a point cloud.
i would like to rec a static point

it’is possible to process the float single point to improve the accuracy?


Hi @v.muscio,

If I get you correctly, whether you already have some data with the float solution status? May I ask you to describe your goal in more detail?

Yes i have a survey with a static position, but my data there aren’t good…
the sky was cloudly and i had difficulties to rec a fix point.

the kinematics option worked well but the static no…

Can you upload the base and Rover raw logs, so we can have a try?


Hi @v.muscio,

It would be helpful if you shared your base and rover raw logs so we can post-process them. There is a log downloading tutorial in our docs.

ok…now i upload the data… but i have any question…

i have some rtk service (imax3-max3-vrs30 and other), which is the best?
When i rec the data in rtk mode (i work with only rover and ntrip correction) the base mode on reach rs+, it must be off?

in this file i have rec only 2 point but only for few second i had a fix (116.6 KB) (174.4 KB) (3.9 MB)


It processes. but badly, but you have quite a lot of cycle-slips in the time-frame of your base-corrections.

This is the result I get processing your rover file beginning from 13:57 (which is roughly when your base-corrections starts:

Looking at the resulting coordinates on Google Maps, you are very close to a tall building. With a L1-only solution, combined with a long baseline (long for L1 only), you are asking for trouble.

Move out into the plantation north of the point, or in the clear area west of the point (but not too close to the trees). Basically have a clear skyview all around in a minimum 30 degree angle upwards, preferably 20 degrees or lower.

ok thanks…now i do another test…
and i upload the results

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Hi @v.muscio,

How is it going? Have you had a chance to perform a new test?

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Yes i have done a new test… i have change the ntrip service (nearest), seems to work better

Hi @v.muscio,

Please, don’t hesitate to ask if I could be of further help.

hi svetlana can i ask you why i have difficult to convert the raw file of rreach rs+? (572.8 KB) (6.1 MB) (339.3 KB)


Hi @v.muscio,

Could you clarify please with which particular log you faced the difficulties? Did you get any error messages?

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