Reach RS software reboot?

For my specific installation, I’ll be putting an RS module in a remote location and using it as a base for corrections to a rover in the same remote area. However, I realized the RS has a physical power button which would be hard to press every time I needed to power up the base. With reliable power being fed to the RS I’m sure it can stay powered for quite some time but I foresee the need to cycle power on it occasionally remotely. I realize this is easily accomplished using the Reach board module, however I’m trying to take advantage of the ingress protection provided by the more rugged RS flavor. Does anyone know if this can be accomplished through comm over the RS USB port (ie SSH)? Any and all advice would be a big help!

So, I think you mean it is hard for you to travel to the location of Reach RS to push the button.

And if the RS has enough battery power, you’d like to be able to make it wake up using by sending a electrical signal through either the USB port or through the accessory port on the base.

It is not currently a supported feature, but it is an interesting question for the Emlid guys!

Maybe hardware support is there already or maybe a mod could be done. Also, it might be easier to ask Reach RS wake up at a specified interval and then check to see if a “stay awake” signal is present.

Oh, wait. I may have missed the point. Do you just want reboot an already running Reach RS?


ssh into Reach and issue the command:


Showing ReachView running:

Showing that Reach has been rebooted:

Showing ReachView loading after reboot:

Showing ReachView loaded after reboot:

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I faced the same problem. A simple “Restart” and “Shut down” button is very useful.

Ok, that is helpful to know, and brings about another question actually–is there a comprehensive guide regarding what is available through SSH on the Reach RS? Should I just investigate Edison capabilities and assume they are the same?

At any rate, reboot should suffice. Thanks again for the help!

More or less. This is still embedded linux, but the system comes with a compiler and all.

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