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Firmware is the latest

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Using one Reach rs+ as base and would like to send correction data to mount point. rtk2go support created a mount point and has given me a password. Tablet is connected via wifi to my reachBase and reachview is usable. When in Base Mode Screen after entering correct information and pressing button all the information on the screen disappears and no correction data is sent.

Step by Step

  1. Base has solid red, blue and green LEDs as hotspot
  2. Connect Tablet to hotspot
  3. Bluetooth Paired tablet to PC
  4. Use reachview to configure base to send correction data to
  5. Failure

Would appreciate any help or clarity

Thank you

Have you seen this :

Zinou Zinedine

Thank you. I have read the post repeatedly along with other posts on the same subject. This post says to make sure your phone has internet connection and then connect to the Reach RS+ via wifi so that you can utilize the reachview app and to configure Base Mode. I’ve done that and it fails.

Thanks again Zinou Zinedine I really appreciate your trying to help me


Make sure your phone has internet connection… then follow my instruction.

Did you connect to the Reach RS+ wifi hotspot or the other way around? You should connect your Reach RS+ to your phone’s wifi hotspot so that internet of your phone will be shared to your reach.

Hey Bunog, thank you

Yes, I have been connecting to the Reach RS+ wifi hotspot and now understand that I should connect Reach to my iphone’s hotspot. Attempting to turn that around this morning but continue to fail.

My approach has been as follows:

On windows 10 connected to reachBase:35:66 wifi
Browsed http://reachBase.local
ReachView starts
Changed wifi to our network name
The message below was displayed on reachview


ReachView freezes
Connect to my network
Can not see reachBase:35:66

Will try again now

Thanks man, really appreciate it

Here again a very good video that explain step by step walkthrough of how to make a connection to an NTRIP (Rtk2go), I hope that can help !

Was actually able to put an unstable solution together today using your good support. Unstable because the ntrip rover would only stay connected for about 10 minutes and then fail. Took it apart to document configuration but currently stuck and will look at it again tomorrow morning.

This is a good video and thank you for sharing but it slides over the part that I’m having trouble with, which is the Reach connecting to my iphones hotspot,

Tomorrow is another day as we say around these parts.

Again thank you


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What iPhone are you running?
Do you have spaces in your hotspot name (SSID)?

Hi @mjspann,

Please try to follow the Connecting Reach to the Internet guide and inform us which step do you have an issue.

Took me awhile but was able to figure it out. Never used a hotspot in my life before and kept putting the Reach into hotspot mode and connecting to it via wifi. Thank you very much Tatiana.


Got it solved and the kicker was not understanding the concept of a Hotspot, but give me a break because I’m in my 70s.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help me.


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