Reach RS+ RTK via LoRa poor reception!

Unfortunately, the basic data on the rover is always interrupted.
What can i do?

Hi Norbert,

Would you mind describing the environmental conditions and the hardware setup you’re using?

Can you also send me log files:

  • raw data file from the base

  • raw data file from the rover

  • RTCM3 log file from the rover

  • position log from the rover

These files will help me find out the reason of your issue. You can follow the Log downloading instructions. (6.7 MB) (238.6 KB) (60.3 KB) (2.0 MB) (645.0 KB)

The sky is freely visible all around at an angle of more than 15 °.

Recordings of the status at the rover.
… and view of the sky.!Ao4eUNiVWwjJ5lQtznral6wk8oe6?e=sf1pMh

Hi Norbert,

Thanks for the detailed report!

I’ve converted your data and there are the results I’ve got. You can see in the picture satellites’ visibility. On the left, the converted RTCM3 data that rover got from the base is shown. On the right, the converted UBX file from the base is shown. You can notice that the rover can’t get info about GLONASS satellites that the base sees.

This means the issue might be in RTCM3 messages configuration. Please check the Base mode tab in the ReachView, it’s recommended to enable all RTCM3 messages.

Please see my settings.
I think the rover has a bug with the receiver.

Hi Norbert!

Sorry for the delayed response.

In the meantime, we’re working on fixing the issue you experienced. I will inform you once we have any news.


Hi Norbert!

We’ve just released the v2.22.4 stable version that should resolve difficulties with obtaining corrections over the LoRa.

Please let us know how it works.

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