Reach RS/RS+ Base And Rover Setup Video

The new video tutorial shows how to set up two Reach RS/RS+ as RTK base and rover using built-in LoRa radio. The video gives an overview of settings and walks you through the basic setup for work in the field. It will be helpful for everyone who is getting started with Reach.

If you are new here, don’t forget to watch the First update tutorial for Reach RS and RS+. It covers powering Reach on, connecting to Wi-Fi and updating ReachView.

We hope you enjoy our videos and get an excellent getting-started experience with your Reach RS or Reach RS+!

All videos and more information about Reach receivers and ReachView app is available in Emlid docs.



Maybe soon make some more videos explaining in more detail and advice about corrections, setting base for accuracy, satellites, messages, rates, and then different ways or scenarios of communication such as NTRIP, TCP, LoRa, Bluetooth and Serial. The DOCS do a great job explaining everything, but videos like this may help minimize the same newbie questions over and over from new buyers right off the bat due to new buyer excitement.

Video very professional and very helpful, thank you! Wish I had this when I first started, but sure it will help the new users!

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Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

We have plans on making more videos describing the things you’ve mentioned

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(I hope to explain myself well because I am using the google translator).

We are many novice users who learned how to use reach Rs antennas with YouTube videos (special mention for @Tb_Rtk).
The documents in emlid docs are good but they will never get over a video.
For this same reason I ask the emlid team to make an effort and make more tutorial videos. I try to visit the forum every day to be aware of everything and what I have noticed is that many users have the need to reflash their antennas.
I do not understand why the emlid team has not made it a priority to make a video with the instructions to do reflash. I will comment again we are many newbies that we do not have the knowledge, in my case it is like that.

For example at this time I noticed that one of my antennas stops working its hotspot, I have to press the power button for 15 seconds to turn it off and on again, something very annoying and embarrassing when you are working.

I have not wanted to try to reflash my antenna because I have read all the problems that users have to do it. And I, with my inexperience, do not feel safe doing it correctly.

I hope you take my comment into account.

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I totally understand your frustration as I went through that also a little worried the first time I did it, but it worked out fine.

This part (re-flashing) is a little wonky even with such great instructions and video etc. But even so, Emlid has done a REALLY good job with all of their instructions and videos OVERALL. I really give them a LOT of credit for that. You don’t see such great quality and thoroughness these days with some…but EMLID has really done a great job with everything. Might be some more work to be had, but pretty impressed so far. Yes, you are correct, I think the reflashing portion needs a little more work…and yes, a VIDEO from start to finish may help alleviate a lot of problems novice users have. I am sure their plate is quite full and doing the best they can when they can. So for that reason, I am extremely patient with them and know they will help.

I am sure they and others here will help you with more of the details you need. They are very polite and helpful more than I have experienced elsewhere.

I am sure they are taking this constructive criticism into consideration. ; )

Hi Erro,

Thanks for your comment. I’ve answered you in a separate thread:

Let’s keep the conversation there.

Hi @timd1971

In agreement with you, but sometimes I think that the instructions were made thinking of users with little or much experience in programming, drivers, etc. The problem is that many of us are novices or we simply do not have any experience in these issues.
I have seen cases of people from Latin America passing the docs emlid to Spanish language for the same reason that I have.

I would like the emlid team to have a video for the problems or situations more frequently in the near future.
I have noticed that reflashing is very common to solve some problems that is why I would put it as one of the video tutorials with the highest priority.

Currently on your YouTube channel there are only two videos destined to use the reach rs (+) antennas but they only cover the most basic, first on / update and the other the use of LoRa.


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