Reach RS rover with NTRIP RTCM from F9P?

The other day I set up my ZED-F9P board using U-Center to be a local NTRIP caster. By default it enabled all the supported message types in the F9P. I was able to get my Reach RS+ rover to connect to it, see the messages, and get a sometimes-fixed solution–I’m putting the antennas on a window sill so they don’t get a full view of the sky. AR ratio fluctuated between 1 and 8.

Today I had a weird thing happen where the Reach RS+ rebooted itself. So I thought I’d do a firmware update in case this glitch was from an older firmware bug or something.

The point is that now that I’m at the latest firmware and I’m no longer able to get any AR ratio whatsoever with the ZED-F9P NTRIP source. I know that the default messages that the RS+ can transmit don’t match anything that the ZED-F9P works with but it still seemed to work before. What changed? It used to work (or so it appeared).

Using another Reach RS+ as a base unit still works fine of course.

EDIT: a few details. I was unsure what messages the Reach RS was working, so I disabled all of them and enabled them one at a time. The usual GPS -related messages (1074, 1077) had no effect, but oddly enough 1127 (Beidou?!) seemed to wake it up on the old firmware. I noticed just now it briefly flashed an AR ratio of 1. Any ideas on what message types to send the Reach RS+ from the F9P would be appreciated.

I still don’t know what message types exactly are the ones needed, but I did get it working again. The firmware update had just reset my SNR mask in RTK settings. I previously lowered the SNR mask in order to get fixes previously (even outside it struggled), but after the firmware update it was back up to 35. I lowered it a bit and now it’s got a consistent non-zero AR ratio. When I get the base station placed outside, I’ll do more testing.

But if anyone knows exactly which RTCM messages from the Z9P are required and which are not, I’d like to know. Thanks.

Hi @torriem,

I’d recommend you to check this thread. It looks quite similar to your workflow.
Also, I think data sheets for F9P and M8 could be helpful.

Haven’t looked at this in a while, but it appears that Reach RS+ rover is working fine with MSM7 messages from the F9P. So it looks like 1005, 1077, 1087, 1097, 1127, 1230 do the trick.

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