Reach RS+ rover freezes during survey

Hi guys.

I am wondering if you have experienced the same scenario below and or know of what causes the below issue to happen?

I was previously undertaking a survey using Reach RS+ base and rover over Lora, and during the survey the rover became completely unresponsive: all lights on on the rover, u able to use app to run rover or obtain connection, couldn’t obtain status, was unable to reset it or even turn it off. I had to let the battery drain all day and then recharge so for it to be reset?

Following this, it happened to me again yesterday but this time the rover was still able to be used for the survey but the on off button was disabled? Again I had to leave the unit run down and then recharge it to reset the unit?

I held the button in for 3 seconds, 15seconds and nothing happened?

When I have travelled 5 hours one way to conduct the survey if this happens again it is not ideal for $$$ or client reputations?

Any one familiar with this issue? Is it a unit defect or known problem?

I have contacted Emlid directly and will advise on their feedback?

I haven’t had this happen to me, but I can see the worry. These sort of units just need to work flawlessly!

Have you sent a full system report from Reachview to Emlid? If not, you should do so right away.

Thanks Christian.

I have sent the full system report in. Will advise on their assessment?


Hi James,

As I understand, we’ve been discussing this issue over the email. Let me repeat my question here.

Do I understand correctly that both times, while you couldn’t turn the unit off by holding the power button for 3-20 s, you were still able to use it and the App for the survey?

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