Reach RS+ Repairs

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering where you would recommend taking the Reach RS+ units for repairs. I just purchased the units, so they’re fine at the moment, but I wanted to be prepared in case there are any issues in the field.


Without knowing where you are in the World, it will be hard to come up with useful recommendations :smiley:
Have you checked the dealer-network already?

Hi Christian,

Very true! :smile: I’m in Greece. I have checked the dealer-network, and there aren’t any distributors in Greece. The closest might be one in Turkey, but many of the dealers don’t seem to do anything other than sell the Emlid and other products.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Personally, as reasonable as the cost is compared to Trimble, Leica, Topcon etc, I’d at least buy (1) extra backup and keep it charged.

May be able to find the RS/RS+ units much easier also used and still very good condition since the RS2 is out now and many may be selling their RS/RS+ for the RS2 upgrade. The RS/RS+ is still very much valuable even with the release of the RS2.



In case you have any issues with your RS+ units, you can email us on and we arrange a service for you via one of our European dealers.


Hi Dimitri,

Thanks for your response! Are there any service options in Greece? If not, where is the closest?

Thanks again,


Hi Lana,

Currently you will need to send the unit to Austria. However, we may have a local dealer in Greece in the nearest future.

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Hello, very happy to find Emlid! I have two RS+ units and live in Southern California, any service people near me?


Being Southern California, you would sure hope so!

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