Reach RS+ Receivers not Appearing in App

Our customer recently purchased a new set of Reach RS+ receivers. We configured them as we usually do and then sent them over. When we had them we didn’t have any issues connecting via Reachview 3. However, the customer is not able to connect to them in the app.

The recievers create a hotspot to join, and the customer is able to connect via wifi. But once the app is opened, the recievers don’t show as available to connect. Any ideas on how to resolve? Is there a workaround to connect to the recievers outside of the app?

Also, customer just tried reaching it using its IP address, and still wont connect

Hi @flyinmada,

Can the customer connect to Reach’s hotspot from the PC and access it by the IP?
Did he try to access the Updater panel when connected to Reach’s hotspot via

If the customer can’t connect from different devices, I suggest switching our conversation to email. Further troubleshooting may require sensitive info. Please share serial numbers of the units and video with the described behavior by sending them to

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