Reach RS+ REALLY slow data transfer over WiFi

Having huge trouble setting up Reach RS+.

I could get into the initial setup in Reach wifi hub mode pretty nicely, however when I setup the Wifi which has internet connection and restart it seems like it cannot connect to ReachView. I flashed new firmware, so now I have 2.11. After many retries, I noticed that sometimes it can connect, but the download of the web app is REALLY slow, I mean 1kb / 5secs or so. I can see that through chrome dev tools. Before I noticed this, I went to do my laundry and noticed that I got in to ReachView after I came back (just took like 10mins). now I restarted Reach RS and I’m waiting for the app to load again.

Any idea how to fix?

Hi Anton,

When Reach RS+ is in hotspot, does Wi-Fi work fine?

Did you try connecting Reach RS+ to another Wi-Fi network?


Yes it was slow on both and I tried also hosting hotspot on my mobile. It was slow as well. My network was and is working fine otherwise. However when I managed to get the webpage for reachview to download fully it seems to work fine afterwards. So I can work with the Reach normally now.


I noticed yesterday that if I’m using my bluetooth music thing, my iphone’s connect to the reach is unuseably slow.

Do you live in an area with a lot of wifi’s?

~ 7-8 wifis in apartment building.

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the update on the issue!

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