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Hi -

Wondering if anybody has had any success using Reach RS as Base, and Reach/RFD900+ radio as Rover? I am trying to get this set-up going, and running into communications issues.

I was able to get the units to talk over TCP/IP using my home network, and I proved this worked by doing a refresh on the base coordinates accumulation - at which point on the ReachView rover screen I saw the base location go to zero, and then once the coordinate accumulation time had passed, and a base location was set, I saw this exact location come through on the ReachView Rover. Also, of course, saw the grey bars on status.

So now, trying to get this same set-up working using Reach RS in-built radio and RFD900+ that I have connected to Reach module. I have tried setting both Reach RS & Reach up in serial/uart/57.6K (ie so duplicated on Base & Rover). This did not work. Then I tried setting up Base with Base Mode in LoRa at various frequencies, obviously Reach still in serial/uart etc. Could not get anything.

So, now I am wondering if these two are talking on the same frequency? Reading the RFD900+ documentation, it is not clear what frequency that radio is set at out of the box? Anybody know? I was thinking that maybe i should set Reach RS LoRa at that same frequency. Makes sense right?

And then the question in my mind - what’s the difference between setting up Reach RS in Serial vs LoRa?


I’m sorry David, but until there is a LoRa kit available for your Reach module, then you will need your RFD900+ radio, plus a second RFD900+ and also a Reach RS cable:

Of course there are other ways, but if you already have the RFD900+, then this way is most logical to me.

To be clear, the RFD900+ (SiK) radio is not compatible with the LoRa radio.

Oh OK. So I was trying to do the impossible. So, without the second RFD900+ radio, is the only way to get the Reach RS to pass base positions to the Reach is via TCP/IP, ie using my network or wireless hot-spot?

So the people that are putting Reach onto their UAV’s have a Reach module with a second identical radio on the ground, or a Reach RS with the second identical radio?

Yes, well Reach RS can output through:

  • built-in LoRa radio
  • built-in WiFi
  • the USB port
  • the optional Reach RS cable (serial communication)

If we assume that you will be operating an aerial vehicle, then there probably can’t be a tether, so you must choose one radio or another, or it could simply be done with WiFi (similar to the new Edge drone controller)

Either that or you give up RTK, and just record the logs for PPK.

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I use the wifi hotspot on the base to get the two units talking and ensure I can get fix, then PPK for the mission when the link fails.


That’s another idea, Simon, thanks!

Simon this still confuses me.

You state you give corrections to your UAV rover via the base, but then when the signal breaks you PPK.

My single rover by itself never gets a fix without corrections. Only single/float.

I’m confused as to why you would send corrections for a fix, but then let the signal break. Why obtain a corrections fix first?

The danger with PPK is that you go out into the field, collect the data, come back to the office and find that for some reason or another your data was not of sufficient quality to make a good solution (aka FIX). I an a belt and braces kinda guy and try to avoid this by ensuring that I can get fix before I start.

Hello Guys, I recently received Edge With Reach module and Reach RS. I couldn’t found any guide how to connect and configure Reach with Edge. With Reach module come some cable but no one is compatible with Edge connector. Does Reach module can be connected and used with Edge. Can I use Reach RS as a “base” for the reach module(rover) mounted on the multi rotor with edge flight controller?

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