Reach rs+ position delay in survce and fieldgenius stake-out

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i have noticed that when using reach rs+ rover in both survce and fieldgenius when doing staking out, both softwares have delays in updating its position. from moving from a point to another. anyone have already resolved this issue? thanks.

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Are you using static mode?

rtk via lora. nmea settings

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But what are your RTK settings?

there is no question about my rtk settings coz i have already connected it to survce and fieldgenius with ease. having fix solutions. my problem is when doing stake-out in both survce and fieldgenius, the position is delayed. when i go to the stakeout point, the position will not update immediately. if you know what i am saying. problem is the same as Nick’s.

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Well, if you’re in static RTK mode, you will see very slow movement of the point, if you start walking around.
You’ll have to change to back and forth between Static and Kinematic whenever you move to a new point. Quite annoying if you ask me, but that’s how it is currently.

I know what u r talking about and also Nick’s frustrating problem awhile back with SurvCE. I have this “delay” problem also with FieldGenius9 with no solution (I am not using SurvCE). When I get back to this again, I’ll have to try the new Stakeout feature in ReachView app.

It may be just the nature of using a single frequency unit vs multi and passing through to a third party app such as FG9 and SurvCE/PC?

Hi Kenneth,

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Please provide us with the following information so we can look into your issue:

  1. ReachView version
  2. System report from Rover unit
  3. Detailed problem description. How big is the delay?

Please note that Reachview only outputs NMEA string for the selected GNSS systems to Serial or BT. The only setting that may affect output is Update rate (in RTK settings).

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in SurvCE go to GPSROVER select NMEA GPS Receiver generic model, in Comms select Bluetooth BT type windows mobile, press on tools and look for the Reach RS +.
in my case it gives an error of PDOP 13, but the measurement is fixed, I do not know what the reason will be.

Should the update rate be the highest setting for faster update performance correct?

1Hz would be the slowest update correct? I just want to make sure I am not understanding update rate backwards. Thanks!

You are right, Tim

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will also try to udjust the update rate and see how it will affect both fieldgeniis and survce softwares especially in stakeout. thanks…

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please post the result sir. thanks.

already found out the correct settings in fieldgenius and survce. nothing to do with the update rate in rtk settinga in reachview. stakeout is now smooth in both survce and fieldgenius. will post it later. thanks…


Yes, PLEASE post the solution as I never found out why slow update.

What data collector are you using with FieldGenius and SurvCE?

I am using a Trimble Nomad 900G and a Surface Pro 1 with FieldGenius 9 on both with Bluetooth for stake out. I ordered a serial cable for back up but haven’t had time to try that…but would rather use bluetooth anyways.

Just real slow lag and waiting for my location to catch up when staking out. I get real good fix and movement if just using ReachView Survey though. Fluid fast movement. I have to update to try the ReachView Stakeout feature though!

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Hello Pinoy,

Very interested in how you solved this! :blush:

in survce in the satellite view I only see the gps satellites and not gnss because it will be? and what does 19/5 satellites mean on the survce screen thanks

I don’t use SurvCE / PC but you may have to ask over at the Carlson Software site or refer to their documentation. I have to do this with MicroSurvey FieldGenius 9. Hopefully someone here can help.

you might change both base and rover settings feom fix and hold to continuous. then go to your data collector bluetooth settings pair with your rover and assign a com port. when finished, go to your settings in fieldgenius or survce, connect via nmea and bluetooth and select your assigned com port and connect. i hope that this will fix in the delay of position output in survce and fieldgenius stakeout features.