Reach RS - Pixhawk - antenna waterproof?

Hi, I am bulding a USV (catamaran) for marine surveying. In my setup I will use Pixhawk 2.1 and I would like to use Reach RTK for centimeter precision. I’ve never used RTK before so I’m a little unsure about which components I have to buy to get the system up and running with the pixhawk. Initially I thought I could use the new REACH RS module as base station, and use this: in my rover. Which antenna on the rover is recommendended to use for this setup? I need one that is waterproof, and there is not written any IP-rating in the datasheet for the antennas. Will both of these antenna work with REACH RS:,

Solution # 2 will be using two REACH RS, one as a base station and one on the rover. But how do I connect pixhawk together with the new REACH RS? Looks like there is only USB on the Reach RS? And the connection wouldn’t be waterproof?

What setup would you reccomend?

I would appreciate som help =)


I’ll clarify this part for you.

There is a second connector on the bottom which you could use for communication. It is also is a point for DC power input (5 to 40 Volts) without having to use the USB cable.