Reach RS permanent installation - protection


I’m planning to install Reach RS on tractors. The idea is keep the unit permanently on tractors and power it though the RS232 port.

Should I think on installing some kind of protection for the unit (or connectors) or do you think it is enough protected by its own?


I think this would be a good environmental test for Reach RS! Very dusty, rainy, with temperature extremes!

I think they are up to the test! The first point of failure could possibly be in the connectors. And I don’t mean water ingress or anything, I am just thinking about long term exposure and the contamination (dirt) getting packed into the connectors and causing problems with connector operation / wicking of moisture / and possible corrosion of contacts.

I can imagine a mod where you bond a circular rubber grommet to Reach RS over each connector. You put a circular rubber plug in the grommet over the USB connector to keep the dust and water out. You then bond a smaller grommet to the Reach RS cable which seals into the larger grommet bonded to the bottom of Reach RS.

The bonding agent could be polyurethane adhesive/sealant such as Sikaflex 291. Beware that it is very permanent (but flexible).


Now, a different approach to protection would be to take a truck tire innertube and roll it up around the sides of Reach RS - similar to what was done in this pic:

The bottom could be folded or cut and sealed (but still allowing for a moisture drain). For access to the buttons or the USB port, you could just roll down the innertube. The innertube cover would be cheap as well as water and dust proof.


Thanks Bide for the answer! I’ll investigate your proposals.

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