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I am new to Emlid and Reach RS, but like what I have seen so far very much so!

We are going to use two Reach RS units at a remote Research Station on Greenland in a long term ecosystem monitoring project. We will first of all use them for ground control points for UAV mapping but there is a ton of other things we can use an RTK system for.

We will NOT have proper internet access so we cannot access documention (and updates) while we are in the field. I was therefore looking for a pdf version of the “manual” at - but without luck. I will therefore be making our own so we have written (printed out) documentation in the field. I do realise that the documentation is a dynamic document with animations but would it be possible to have an automatically generated pdf version? In any case It would be very useful for us, and perhaps other users, to have available written documentation.

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Lars Holst Hansen
Field Biologist and Deputy Scientific Leader at Zackenberg Research Station, Greenland

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Hi, there is tools out there that downloads webpages. E.g webcopy
If you try a google search for download webpage and pick one that suits your flavour :slight_smile:
Or get it from github


Thanks for the suggestion. I did consider this and it would probably also conserve the animations. You can even get software that will download websites for offline use on mobile devices. Assembling and printing from github seems to break some links.
I just thought it would be really nice with proper hard copy documentation.

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Have you had any luck creating a pdf of the manual? I would like to have as well since I too work as an ecologist at remote sites without internet.

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I ended up doing a download of the full manual part of the website as TB_RTK suggested. It retained the animations.

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