Reach RS offset

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I have been digging through the documentation and cannot find an answer to a very simple nooby question…

How exactly is one supposed to measure the offset between a known point on the ground and the Base station? I would guess that you should be able to measure to the bottom of the base unit exactly but in the documentation there is some indication to add 65mm… Also there is an adapter for changing to 5/8 thread and I cannot find info on the offset for this unit.

I plan on using a tribrach with an integrated measuring unit as well as a pedestal between the tribrach and base with a known offset.

I would like to know if we need to add 65 mm or if that addition is done behind the scenes?


And if you use the adapter, it measures 22,5mm. But check for your self in case you have a different one.
65mm from bottom RS case to teoretical nominel phase center. (where the reciving signal is supposed to be. This may vary some from device to device

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Plus both dimensions @TB_RTK mentioned are permanently printed on the bottom of the Reach RS/+

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Is description changed for the RS+ version?
Regarding the nominel phase center VS antenna refrence point?

Thanks guys, I swear I read past those doc pages 3 times and missed that stuff.

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