Reach RS+ Not Turning on or Charging After Storing for 2 Months

(Tom Androsiuk) #1

Hi all,
I’ve just taken out Our Reach RS+ to charge it for a job tomorrow however it’s got no lights on it to indicate charging and it won’t turn on. I’ve tried several USB cables, and power bricks and different USB ports to try charging it but nothing seems to be working. The first few times I plugged it in the power light turned orange for a very brief second then went off, now there is nothing.

Does anybody know of a quick fix / the next steps I should take?

Many thanks

(Tatiana Andreeva) #2

Hi @tandrosiuk,

May I ask you to contact us on and provide the Serial number of this unit?

The Serial Number is printed at the bottom under the bar code.

(Tom Androsiuk) #3

Hi @tatiana.andreeva, I’ve just done this, I look forward to hearing form you soon

(Tatiana Andreeva) #4


I’ve replied to your email.

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