Reach RS+ Not Receiving Corrections (multiple units)

Hi my customers are having a consistent issue with the Reach RS+. Everything was working fine until about a month ago when the Rover stopped receiving correction input from the base. Further, the app often has issues with changing settings. No firmware or settings have been changed. Firmware is on the most recent version.

Sometimes, changing the frequency on both units somehow gets them to communicate but after restarting them, it still has an issue.

What is going on with this? Everything is up to date and its happening across multiple units - the same issue of not receiving corrections and being stuck in single mode.

Hi Adam,

Welcome back to the forum!

Do I get right that the corrections are configured via LoRa?

Can you please describe how does it look like? What happens in the app when you try to change the settings?

Do the frequency settings drop after the reboot?

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