Reach RS+ not detecting wifi hotspot

I am trying to connect Reach RS+ to an android hotspot (Android 7.0) but I cannot see the wifi hotspot in the list. I’ve even set a shorter name for wifi and open encryption but without any success. Also I’ve configured as a hidden network on Reach RS+ but same result. From computer or other devices I am able to connect to the hotspot and is working fine. Also from tablet from where I am trying to setup the hotspot I am able to connect to hotspot of Reach RS+ and access the configuration. Dose anybody encountered this kind of issue?

There are known issues with Android communicating. Please search the forum to see how the previous reports are progressing.

Hi @simion.cosmin,

What’s the version of ReachView firmware on your Reach RS+ device?

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,

I am using v2.16.2. I even reflash it again because I thought it was an issue with the firmware.


What’s the Wi-Fi channel of your phone hotspot?

@tatiana.andreeva I didn’t scanned to check the channel no. but starting from android 7 there is no advanced menu for hotspot in order for me to change the channel.


If your phone provides hotspot on 12-14 Wi-Fi channels, there is an issue with Reach not seeing that.
The issue is fixed in the v2.17 dev release, so maybe subscribing on dev channel will solve your issue.

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