Reach RS not creating hot spot - new out of box

Orange light – solid
Blue light – flashing slowly
Green light – solid
Cannot find information regarding firmware and version.
Reach RS not showing up in fing
Using iPad mini and Safari (latest updates)

In Safari “reach:85c0” (without quotes appears as a network) appears as a network – cannot connect – says password incorrect. (I’m usually very careful when setting up for new passwords but I may have made a mistake this time).

Would going back to factory settings help? How is that done?

Solutions/thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.

just set mine up, no problems.
On Ipad Mini forget the reach network
then rejoin it and ensure you use emlidreach as your passsword.
If you have altered the default password within the reach I guess you are going to need more help.

Try with a different browser, like chrome or firefox

Seems weird. Does safari prompt you to connect to a new network?
Maybe try to forget the network, as @Simon_Allen proposed and reconnect to it via the settings? The password is emlidreach, just to make sure.

Will give it a go. thanks

Will give it a go. Thanks.

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