Reach rs+ - north reference point on unit

does anyone know where the north reference point is located at on the rs+ unit - is it the lights and power button side or some other side.

i have also heard that new gps units dont have a north reference point on them any longer cause the magnometers are capable of determining true north without needing to be pointed in the general direction

can someone confirm either of these questions


mike s

they don’t have a NORTH. Not sure they have magnometers also, as they use GNSS?

perfect - thats what i thought but i wanted to confirm


Hi, all Reach units has built in 9dof.
With the LED (RS/RS+) facing North (the way the 9dof chip is oriented) makes the yaw rotation 0/360 by default.
But no North marker is visible on the unit it self.


sorry @goingup00, was told there was no designated NORTH on the units (or not necessary to orient it)when I had first asked about this same thing a year or more ago.

But leave it to Tore… and you’ll definitely get your answers! : )

Its not beeing used atm so you`re all good :wink:


Do you know if the RS/RS+ have pitch & roll also in addition to yaw? IF so…are you thinking what I am thinking??? …… Tilt Compensation? doubt it…but wishful thinking… at least for a RS2+ version? : )

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Yup, those are part of the 9dof chip.

Done that. Brents Excavator app. Not 100% done yet.



wow. ; )

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