Reach rs no wifi hot spot create whit smartphone

Hello, I search in the forum and i do not find anything …
Probably it’s a stupid question but …
it’s possible to connect via wifi hotspot created by smarphone and with the same smartphone use reach app to connect the receiver? I try to use my smartphone to create hotspot and the other you use the app. I work in rtk using ntrip correction from public caster.
thank you

Hi @paolo.cambuli,

Sure. However, some Android smartphones in hotspot mode don’t show Reach IP in ReachView app.
In that case, you need to find Reach IP with any network scanning tool such as Fing, and enter this IP in any browser address bar.

Ok, so I try to find the rech Ip an then connect via browser.

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maybe hotspot configuration in your smartphone.

So, I should set hotspot free? (open without password)?


I think that’s the setting hotspot configuration.
You have to change from none to wpa 2 psk.

this works to me.

or maybe what you mean is when reach rs ???
You have to set the hotspot name and password with the name of the hotspot you are using.

resolved, thank you…
the problem was that tHE SMARTPHONE HAVE NO major password, when I set it, in the available wifi in the reach app appears the hotspot…

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