Reach RS network issue

Recently purchased the Reach RS with Reach module for survey drone setup. I had no issues booting the Reach module, and updating it.

The Reach RS on the other hand, does not produce “reach:xx:xx” hot-spot. It does however produce a “edison_ap” open access point. I can log in to “” and startup test shows green tick. When I enter network information to switch to for updating, it disconnects and reconnects without saving network information. If I do it a second time, it seems to work as I see the SSID in the save list. However if I tell the Reach RS to connect to the network, it does nothing. If I disconnect from “edison_ap” the Reach RS ‘NET’ Led goes off, and “edison_ap” disappears from available networks. ‘NET’ led stays off, and nothing happens after that.

I can restart the Reach RS, but it seems to reset itself into it’s original state, and starts “edison_ap” hot-spot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like reflash might be the next step

So, I tried re-flashing using windows PC, and had issues connecting to the device. There seems to be an issue with windows drivers for edison. After some tinkering I got the drivers to work, but could not establish communication for flashing.

I booted my ubuntu laptop, and flashed through terminal there. It seemed to go smoothly, and rebooted the Reach RS module as it supposed to. I waited appropriate time and decided to power it on, and look for the SSID it should produce, but it seems to be acting exactly as it did before. It emits “edison_ap”, and the rest is same as my original post.

Got it to work. Used a different windows 10 computer and the driver was recognized (when installing driver, there is an issue fetching it from online, so it can be manually downloaded and placed in the search path). Firmware updated, rebooted and now I got a proper SSID. Thank you for your help. :smiley: