Reach RS+ is not charging

The Reach RS+ device that we have employed as a base was completely discharged. While attempting to recharge it, we noticed that after approximately 30 minutes, the orange LED would begin to blink. However, even after leaving it in this state for a few hours, it failed to retain any charge. If the power button was pressed while the charging process was taking place, all three LEDs come on briefly but the green and blue go off when released and the blinking resumes. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Is my RS+ dead. This would be quite disappointing, considering that it has been just a few days since it was delivered.

Did you use it until it fully discharged?

Or did you receive it in a state of discharge?

Was it ‘brand new’ or used when you received it?

We used it until fully discharged. Basically, we had used it for a couple of days. And yeah. It was brand new when we recieved it.

Hey there,

Seems there’s an issue with the battery. Please email us on We’ll need serial number and shipping address to arrange the replacement.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Alright. I will continue this discussion via email. Thank you for your help.