Reach RS internal LoRa radio compatibility

I have one Reach RS unit (rover) and one Reach module (base). I would like to send correction info from the Reach module (base) via radio to the Reach RS’s internal LoRa radio. However, I cannot seem to get conclusive information anywhere on which LoRa radios are compatible with the Reach RS’s internal radio.

Has anyone done/tested this? Can anyone confirm which radio worked with the internal radio of the Reach RS? If you could also quote range figures that would be great!


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Hi Edrean,

LoRa radios are available for Reach RS only, we have plans to bring them to Reach modules as well, but it is complicated as they require extra control peripherals.

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Hello, it is possible to know reach rs lora specs? I understand thus is not an open source project but maybe we could find a compatible lora radio for ours reach modules by ourselves. And regarding firmware integration, are reach rs and reach modules so different?. I thought they share the same processing hardware (intel)

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