Reach RS+ Internal Error?

Hy everybody!

I´ve reached my Reach RS+ last week and I am learning how to do now. I was able to connect to RS+ in the hotspot mode an over my local network aus well.

But now I have a problem. I tried to connect to my Reach today, but ther seems to be an internal error. The “STAT”-LED is dark all the time. In the docs I´ve read that this could be an internal error.

I now tried to connect over the hotspot-mode as well as over my local network. I am able to ping the Reach without a problem. I have scanned my network with fing. But fing doesn´t show me the the HTTP-Protocol on Port 80.

Perhaps it could be in case of the update to the new firmware yesterday? I did not pushed it up but perhaps it made it automatically.

Tanks for your help!


I now reflashed the firmware and it works now! Yeah!!!


Cool, glad you got it working :grinning: